Project Team

Project team and EPA Steering committee during on site field demonstration in Feb 2020 (L-R): Gerard Hannon (Ros coco), Dr Conor Graham (GMIT), Ray Smith (EPA), Liam Broderick (MHS), Dr Ruth Little (EPA), Dr Heather Lally (GMIT), Prof Olaf Jensen (Rutgers Uni) and Mark Broderick (MHS). Photo taken by Dr Ian O’Connor (GMIT).
Project team (L-R): Mark Broderick (MHS), Dr Ian O’Connor (GMIT), Dr Conor Graham (GMIT), Liam Broderick (MHS) and Dr Heather Lally (GMIT). Photo credit: Bryan O’Brien

Introducing the project team

Principal Investigator: Dr Heather Lally

Work package leader: 1 (Literature review), 6 (Communications) & 7 (Project Management)

Dr Conor Graham

Work package leader: 4

In-situ lake water quality sampling and monitoring using drones

Model Heli Services

Work package leaders: 2 & 3

Determination of drone platform and development of water sampling payload

Dr Ian O’Connor

Work package leader: 5

Recommendations & Cost benefit analysis

Olaf Jensen

Professor Olaf Jensen

International expert